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Dungeon3D is a virtual tabletop program designed to work with any and all TTRPG or world building needs. It is compatible with DnD, Pathfinder, you name it, as long as you have the desire to create!

Dungeon3D allows the DM to build an endless assortment of personalized maps. The maps can either be hex or tile, and are grid-based to allow you to use them in real time, taking movement into account. Tiles can be easily changed to different textures, including various animated textures such as water and lava. You can raise and lower tiles to allow interesting height changes to your landscape. Grids can be as small as a tiny room, or as vast as 100x100 tiles to create entire city areas. A tile (or selection of tiles) can even have 'Fog of War' toggled on or off to obscure everything within them. Set your time of day dynamically, blackout the map so that players can truly only see as far as their own dark vision allows, and even toggle weather effects like snow or rain!

There are absolutely tons of objects you can place to build your map up. Houses and taverns, light posts, trees and bushes, benches and crates and boardwalks. Really, the only limit is what you can imagine. Aside from these basic items, there are FX objects. These are unique items with added features, like a burning campfire with real fire, or magic tokens you can use to mark a circle of flame or whatever else. All objects can be scaled, rotated, and shifted to your preference.

Player-Made Objects
Want to add your own mesh objects to D3D? Check your 'Mods' folder for instructions! It's incredibly easy. All you need is an FBX file with your mesh inside, and whatever associated textures you have. It's quite literally as easy as drag-and-drop.

Modular Building
Aside from the prefab objects, you can build your own structures. There are an assortment of modular walls that can be used to create maze-like dungeons or that one house you envision so perfectly in your mind. The textures of the walls can even be changed to suit your preference. We also have fantastic options for voxel building! If you've been looking to build your own sprawling caverns or a treacherous mountain pass, check out or numerous block shapes to build the terrain and structures of your dreams!

There are numerous character bases that can be used either for NPCs or the players themselves. Demons, wolves, humanoid warriors or casters and so on. These are fairly simple bases to allow you as much versatility as you like. Avatars can have their own names, weapons, physical appearance (customize!), status conditions, and dark vision (or none!). An avatar always belongs to the player who placed it, or the DM, and only that player and the DM have control if it.

Initiative Tracker
DMs always have access to the Initiative Tracker. You can add or remove as many slots as you like, give them notes, and organize the tracker based on initiative. This is an incredibly hand tool for any DM!

Character Sheets
Players and DMs can make as many character sheets as they like. We currently have Pathfinder 1e and DnD 5e sheets (with partial automation for calculations). Sheets are always stored on the owner's account and can be accessed regardless if you're in a session or not! Sheets can also easily be shared by sending a copy of your sheet (in your 'Saved' folder) to anyone who has Dungeon 3D. All they need to do is throw it into their own folder to see and use it.

Dice Rolling
Dungeon3D has a built-in dice rolling system. Pick how many dice, what kind, and whatever bonus. The system can even account for negatives. So for example, you can easily roll 3D6 + 5 (or -5) with the click of a button. Everyone will see the roll. Nat 20s are of course lit up!

Built to run on the Steam network, all you need to join an online game is a Steam account. Just click 'host' to start a game up, or 'search' to look for a game to join. DM is always the host, and has full control over who can play and what they can do.

Real-Time Map Saves
Maps can either be built offline or during gameplay. Any change to a map is always saved, regardless online or offline. If your map has changed during gameplay as the players have gone about their campaign, the next time you load it, everything will be precisely where you left off. Maps can easily be shared between users by simply downloading a map file and tossing it into your WorldMaps folder.

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