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In the most solemn way, this work pays tribute to the people who are

currently or had been oppressed by the totalitarian government, as well as the deceased who had suffered in this series of disasters.

Disclaimer :

This is not promoting any form of Totalitarianism. Rather, role played as a Totalitarian government to experience the deep influences towards innocent civilians.

The source of all disasters

A novel human-to-human transmission virus outbreak has been discovered in Seafood market.
With threats from America imperialism hostile forces, colluded with anti- Motherland protestors trying to subvert the regime.
Supreme Leader handed over the country to you and evacuated to Berlin for holiday.

For the glory of Motherland, you are the last hope of humanity!

Quarantineer is a Dystopian Simulator

  • Hospital : micro-manage the hospital infrastructure to help improve the treatment.

  • Quarantine : isolate the infected patients to curb the spread of virus.

  • Vaccine : research and develop cure for the great science of Motherland.

  • Media Propaganda : publish satisfying statistics to win the hearts of people.

  • Economy : develop economy to generate country's income.

  • Military : suppress domestic protests by force, fight foreign hostile forces.

  • Fate : based on your not so immoral decisions, decide the final destination and fate of Motherland.


Game Guide

Resource is your priority in the beginning of game, it takes a while to understand the mechanics, but it's really intuitive and simple, which is based on real life experience and situation.

*  **[Resources]**

Every economical development has its trade off, opening economical activities will lead to a higher increase of viral transmission rate in the expense of human's lives which a sad inevitable (sometimes).

- City : good in business and trading, tourism.
- Village / Remotes : good in providing agriculture, tourism.
- Others : a spectrum between city and village.

* **[Logistics]**

Utilize logistics to help transfer resources from one place to another, such that local towns / cities can focus on the best economical interest separately.

* **[Military]**

Ensure enough of military officers around so you can control how the protest can be suppressed, but do not spend over the needs as better resources can be put in other development in the beginning. With more population growth stacked with unhappy citizens will more likely bring more protestors, so adjust your military budget accordingly.

* **[Protest]**

Caution: Every citizen you killed during protest is real time and will reduce your population in that town / city.

* **[Migration]**

Citizen tends to move around places looking for food, job opportunity, safety from virus, happiness, and shelter in the city. Simulation will evaluate a score based on the current city situation, for example, a person from village is more likely to move to big city for better job opportunity, but another person from that big city might escape to a much safer village from the viral spreading.

* **[Lockdown]**

Lockdown helps in curbing the viral spreading to nearby connected cities. But this is a controversial tactic often times stirring up the unhappiness and humanitarian crisis in exchange of a drastic remedy ( or is it ? ).

* **[Partially Functioning Economy]**

In stead of a full indifferent lock down, you could also open up your border of the city, but partially disable certain area of economy while maintaining a minimum functional society for a long term sustaining strategy. Some activities such as pharmaceutical / medical industries will bring in some income while keeping the cities in a safer situation ( though still in risk of viral exposure ).

* **[Media]**

Use some sweet spot of the media control to handle the happiness of citizens, some smoke screen news will help boost up economical development as well for example, tourism will increase a boost % for that week.

* **[Special Stories]**

Most of the special events can be found in the Black Market which will lead you to different path of stories and endings. Other events happened during special protests and different interaction with characters.

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