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Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon



Early Access


Action RPG
Character Customization
Survival Horror
Dark Fantasy
Story Rich
Open World
Choices Matter
Multiple Endings
Immersive Sim

Player Options




Important information to consider before purchasing this game in Early Access:

There is a possibility that your saved data may become corrupted due to large patches and version changes.
This game does not aim to have AAA-level graphics or polish.
You might encounter various small bugs, balance issues, and a lack of final polish.
This game is in a true Early Access phase, and we welcome your feedback so that we can improve the game together.
Take advantage of the special price of $29 during Early Access, as the game will be more expensive later on.
Currently, you have access to Chapter 1 (10-15h), more content will be added to the game for free!

Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon is a true open world RPG FPP experience,

created by a passionate indie team.


  • Create your unique character

  • Explore dark world with full freedom

  • Choose your playstyle - close combat, bow, magic, stealth and more!

  • Complete fully voiced over quests with hard choices

  • Develop your character and determine your playstyle

  • Complete various challenging dungeons

  • Discover mystery behind death of King Arthur and the current fall of avalon

  • Craft, cook, brew potions, lockpick, mine and even go fishing


Current Patch: 0.6: Judgment of the Excalibur

Available intro (Island Asylum) and Chapter 1 (Horns of the South) in final version, after major upgrades of all systems in the game.

True open world experience

Find unexpected quests and adventures on every inch of the island and roam it without constraints. Explore hidden caves and dungeons, roam ancient ruins and travel through the Wyrdness itself. Find secrets big and small and piece them all together.

Explore the dark world of Tainted Grail

The mysterious and complex story of Tainted Grail spans over 1,000 years, from the moment King Arthur led the people of the Homelands to the shores of Avalon. Journey through Avalon to uncover the dark secrets behind the Fore- Dwellers, and the Wyrdness itself.
The game is inspired by and based on universe created by one of Poland's best fantasy writers - Krzysztof Piskorski.

Customize your playstyle

Face enemies the way you choose. Whether you want to strike from the shadows, use bows and daggers, fight face to face using cold steel or bare bones - you’re free to decide. The arcane is also at your disposal as you conjure powerful spells, weapons and familiars, or use forbidden rites of the druids. Create your own, unique style and challenge the foes and monsters of Avalon.

Build your own character

Crafting a character tailored to your playstyle plays a significant role in your adventure. The intricate progression system and a wide array of attribute-related perks will allow you to steadily grow stronger with each level. While journeying through Avalon, you'll also have access to a variety of equipment, including weapons, spells, shields, armor, and more. All of these elements combined will allow you to shape your own, unique character.

Make friends and enemies

During your journey, you’ll encounter simple commoners, battle-worn soldiers, and even gods of old in need of your assistance. You’ll have to make choices in a world in which there are no good answers, but your decisions matter and your choices are respected.

Trade, craft, cook and steal

The game will come with many supporting systems that will allow you to use all of the gathered ingredients, sourced from various places throughout the island. Some of the resources will require you to scavenge the land. You could also cast your fishing rod to uncover what creatures lurk in the island's murky waters. For those who tread a darker path, an alternative awaits – pilfering the belongings of unsuspecting victims to fill your own pockets. With the resources at your disposal, you’ll be able to trade or transform them into useful items, life-saving potions, equipment or food. Coming prepared in this land, engulfed in the misty Wyrdness, is the key to survival.

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Awaken Realms

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