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Gene Shift Auto



Free to Play
Early Access


Early Access
Free to Play
Top-Down Shooter
Twin Stick Shooter
Battle Royale
Action Roguelike
Roguelike Deckbuilder
Hero Shooter

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Gene Shift Auto is an adrenaline-fueled battle royale set in a chaotic GTA- inspired city. It has cops, missions, car chases and more. This city is a playground full of risk and reward, and by mastering it you'll level up powerful abilities like Invisibility, Spike Traps, and Car Bombs.

Like a rogue-lite, skill choices are randomly generated, so each game plays different and you'll need to adapt to survive. And with ultra-fast 5 minute rounds, you'll have to think on your feet to create a skill build strong enough to win the final showdown!

In Gene Shift Auto looting really matters - you're not just upgrading your gun! You're leveling up gameplay changing abilities like Force Field, Bullet Time, Plasma Ball, and Bouncing Bullets.

These abilities are easy to learn but hard to master, and provide a high skill ceiling perfect for game-winning clutch plays. When you level up you must choose from 2 randomly selected skills. Just like a rogue-lite, this makes each game play differently, and you are rewarded for your ability to adapt and create synergistic skill builds on the fly.

Want to level up fast? This chaotic city has multiple paths to victory! You can do missions, fight for supply drops, explore for rare loot, and if you're feeling risky - aggro the cops.

But remember, the circle is shrinking. You have to balance risk with reward to earn as much farm as possible, while still surviving to the final showdown. Do you spend your precious time shopping for the perfect weapon? Pre-placing hidden bombs in the showdown area? Or obliterating waves of cop cars as you climb the wanted levels? The choice is yours.

The circle is shrinking - fast! While other BRs have one long round, Gene Shift Auto has 3 ultra-fast rounds - with a high-stakes showdown every 5 minutes. Win round 3 to win the game!

Your skill build progresses from round to round, and if you die you get to keep playing too. You'll play as a zombie and can loot for the next round - or hunt down a survivor to revive. No queueing time, no getting booted to the main menu, just pure refined non-stop action.

Other Cool Features

                                                              * A singleplayer / coop mode with leaderboards and custom difficulty modifiers (in the DLC)  

                                                              * No P2W or veteran advantages - to win you simply need to think fast and shoot faster  

                                                              * Wacky challenges, sexy cosmetics, and stats tracking to show off your favorite skills  

                                                              * Small download and instant join times mean you can start playing in minutes!

Developed by

Nik Nak Studios

Published by

Nik Nak Studios

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