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Shape the future of your people by managing and assigning the most skilled villager for each task. Fight off the natural elements or raiders, research new technologies, explore the region around you for other villages to trade with, and special rewards.

Name your village and create your village elder. Choose his specializations and use him to lead the village. He never sleeps and is available for critical tasks, even when the rest of village are sleeping or injured.

The most important resource are your villagers, where each can be specialized in certain tasks, gaining experience each time they perform it. Kids can be educated in schools to start their adult life with better skills.

Experience the game in three difficulties, each with their own challenges and progression, along with a Free Mode, that is unlocked after you finish the game once, and can be played without events or combat. Each time you finish the game, you get a persistent reward, that will help on your next play through.

To achieve victory, besides building a stable village, you will also have to build one of the two end game buildings, that will make your town become a popular place of trade, spirituality and knowledge.

Thanks to the useful feedback from players during the Early Access period, Civitatem has doubled the content, added new features, improved old ones and polished the overall experience.


                                                              * **Procedural Maps** \- Territory Maps and Land maps are procedural generated along with the resources.  

                                                              * **Villager Needs** \- Each villager has a certain numbers of needs for him to survive. Not fulfilling his needs like having access to food, shelter and water, might lead to the villager's death or him and his family departing your lands.  

                                                              * **Dynamic Events** \- Based on the difficulty Every season is a challenge. From a chance to being raided by some greedy raiders, getting attacked by wildlife or experiencing a natural disaster, there is no time to relax, unless you are prepared. Not all events are negative. There are also positive events that might help your village grow faster.  

                                                              * **Seasons, Day and Night cycle and Weather** \- Seasons are important due to weather, temperature and times to harvest and plant crops.  

                                                              * **Research System** \- By acquiring books through trade you can develop new technologies to improve your buildings, trade and management tools of your village.  

                                                              * **Territory Exploration and Trade** \- Besides your territory, you can send scouts to search the land for other villages to trade with, and random rewards while scouting certain regions.  

                                                              * **Crafting** \- having the best armors, weapons and tools is the route to success in these dangerous lands, so be sure to have a blacksmith or two.  

                                                              * **Bandit Raids** \- as time passes and your village grows, you will attract the attention of Bandits. They will try to raid you village from time to time, and if they win they will sometimes kidnap your villagers, which can be ransom for gold. By having Prison built, you can also capture raiders and ransom them.  

                                                              * **End Game Buildings** \- to achieve victory, besides building a stable village, you will also have to build one of the two end game buildings, that will make your town become a popular place of trade and knowledge.

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