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Fairy Biography3 : Obsession



2D Platformer
Female Protagonist

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Game introduction

Game background:
After many years, the demon spirits have changed their old style. This year, they lived a normal life in the world, and even cared about you very much. Counting these days, they have never done evil, people's safety is no longer threatened, and the world has returned to its former peace. But as the guardian of the picture scroll, you still don't believe that they will be so easy to do good, and the demon spirits will definitely endanger human beings and disrupt order! And their [Yuan Shen] is also the lifelong pursuit of the guardian of the picture scroll. It is said that it can control the soul without being bewitched, and the demon spirit will only become weak if it loses the Yuan Shen, and will not die in the true sense... ...
After thinking it over and over again, you decide to bring them back to the residence to live together, so as to obtain evidence that they did evil again, and crack the [Yuan Shen] to break this illusion that confuses the world!
How to play:
Fairy Biography3 : Obsession is a casual strategy game. Players first use advanced spells - [Artillery Artillery] to attack naughty demon spirits, obtain their most important thing [Yuan Shen], and finally break through the demon spirits created by them. phantom!
Game Features
In the game, you will experience:
· The ancient and modern intertwined characteristic beauties
· Fun and challenging game levels
· 10 CGs can be obtained
· New dynamic CG
· One-key skip

Role introduction

**Name: Yu Miao
She is glamorous and vigorous in the workplace, and almost everyone recognizes her appearance and ability. As her subordinate, you are dizzy in running around every day, and you are ridiculed by all your friends, but you still enjoy it today. After all... Her identity as a hybrid of a demon spirit and a human will give you a strong sense of contrast and impact. "Do you like the identity of a demon spirit so much?" Just a casual sigh, but you unexpectedly discovered that she also has a vulnerable side.
"Then I can't lose to other demon spirits~" Don't want to win in this kind of thing! **

**Name: An Ran
"Master, do you think An Ran looks more like a demon spirit or a human being?" As soon as she got home, the girl twirled around you playfully while holding up her little skirt.
She is not tall and has a thin body. She looks cute and innocent on the surface. I heard that she is sometimes bullied by other maids, so you will occasionally pay more attention to her. But as time passed, I gradually discovered that there seemed to be something hidden under An Ran's innocent appearance. It turned out that it wasn't her who was being played with in the palm of her hand? **

About us

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