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Firstly, please allow us to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratefulness to all our early access players who gave us a lot of good suggestions to make this experience better. We really enjoyed collaborating with you guys!

Happy Drummer is a music VR game on HTC Vive. In the game, players are no longer just blocking something, but playing with the various drums and instruments, and be really part of the music! Along with more and more combos, all the world elements will be dancing around, including tribesmen, wild animals, rocks and trees, and even gods! We would like to let players feel that they are the Centre of the world, and bring along all the joy! Let’s become god of drums, and there goes the whole world’s worship!

Happy Drummer is easy-to-play, you won’t see any UI in the game, you could truly interact with this virtual world. In the full version, we have 2 different type of scene, 8 pieces of original music with 3 difficulties in normal mode and 4 bonus music pieces in creation mode; once you finish it good performing, you could unlock the subsequent music. Please remember that only full combo makes you God of Drums. So, keep practicing and enjoying yourself in the fantastic drum world!

All the in-game music was tailor-made by different composer worldwide, perfectly mixed with your vision, take you into a fully immersive horde world. The 4 bonus music in creation mode is for our players to compose and play as you wish, so please enjoy composing them and play with your friends.

Every hits in game were precisely designed and set, we want our player not only experience the joy of combo hits, but also feel the charming of real horde music itself. Besides hitting the notes correctly, you also have chances to solo freely.

Global and steam lead board are available for challenge now. So try and impress all!


Many thanks to those awesome music studios:
1. Sound Rose Studio (Czech)
2. Salt Sound Studio - 一罐盐声音工作室 (China)
3. ETP Studio (US)
4. Glenn Dale (France)
5. Xiao Xu Music - 小旭音乐 (China)
6. Radish Studio - 萝卜音乐工作室 (China)

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