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Baldi's Basics Plus



Early Access


Early Access
Survival Horror
Procedural Generation
Perma Death

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This game is not what it seems...

Baldi's Basics™ Plus is an active stealth roguelike that parodies cheap '90s edutainment with a subtle horror twist! Try to collect all the notebooks in each level as Baldi uses his incredible hearing to track you down in a game of "Hide & Seek". As you do so you will encounter strange characters, find useful items, go on field trips and more inside Baldi’s ever changing Super Schoolhouse, and as you explore the game itself you'll start to realize it is not what it seems...

Fight chaos with strategy!

Mixing strategy with chaos, Baldi's Basics Plus plays like no other game, with surprises around every corner that will throw your plans for a loop. Strategizing is key, but knowing how to best revise those strategies as situations change is even more important! As you learn the ins-and-outs of every character, item, event, and obstacle, you'll be able to make better plans, come up with the best strategies, and escape the most dangerous situations.

Near infinite replayability

Baldi's Basics Plus randomizes so many different things, every time you play will be a different experience!

      * Procedurally generated levels - The levels change every time you play! Not only will the layout change, but the types of rooms and obstacles you find will change too.  

      * Random events - One moment everything is fine, the next the school is flooding, or flips upside down! Random events can begin at any moment, keeping you on your toes.  

      * Mixing and matching characters - Each time you play, you'll encounter a random combination of characters, each one having their own unique behavior. When different characters collide, they may create unique situations!

All these variables and more add up to make each playthrough a unique experience!

Lots of ways to play!

Baldi's Basics Plus features many different modes to test players in different ways!

      * Hide & Seek - Avoid Baldi as you complete a series of randomly generated levels! Run out of lives and you'll have to start over from the beginning. Beat them all in one go to win! Currently, Hide & Seek has you play through **3** randomly generated levels of increasing difficulty, with more planned to be added.  

      * Endless Mode - See how many notebooks you can collect before being caught by Baldi! Compete by playing on pre-made levels, or go crazy and try playing on a randomly generated one. Currently, there is **1** pre-made map and **1** type of randomly generated map to choose from, with plans to add more.  

      * Field Trips (MORE COMING SOON) - Play field trip minigames found in Hide & Seek whenever you like! You can try to set high scores, or just practice. Currently there is **1** field trip minigame, with more planned to be added soon.  

      * Challenge Mode (PLANNED FOR LATER IN DEVELOPMENT) - As you make new discoveries in Hide & Seek, you'll unlock challenges! Challenges offer unique scenarios you won't find in the main game. One might have you sneaking around the school to avoid being seen by the Principal of the Thing, another might have both you and Baldi running at super high speeds! Currently, there are **3** challenge maps in the game for legacy purposes, with plans to add many all new and improved challenges when the game is nearing completion.

Developed by

Basically Games

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Basically Games, LLC

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