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Lilith Odyssey





Procedural Generation
Third Person
Open World
Open World Survival Craft
Space Sim
Perma Death
Immersive Sim

Player Options




                            *  **The Great Nacho Wars have ended.** A corrupt galactic government saps life and resources from the many war-weary planets it controls. Your alien family risks everything across an open-world galactic odyssey to find a mysterious land of new beginnings. And they’re all aware of their simulated nature.  

                            *  **Choose how you’ll survive a harrowing space journey.** Purchase and outfit your space sailer for galactic travel. Chart a course along solar highways and navigate deadly space storms and raiding zones. Beam your family down to planets, moons and asteroids to harvest fuel and resources, but prepare to fend off strange creatures and hostile inhabitants. Explore an immersive galaxy brimming with oddball culture and trade.

                            *  **Sail the cosmos** with realistic flight controls and a knowable level of galactic distance and scale.  

                            *  **Strategize a path to Lilith** using the Galacto Powerscan™ program, your tool for navigating among the stars and reaping their solar energy to power your space sails.  

                            *  **Tracking capabilities** let you target far-away areas as large as star systems and as small as space stations and asteroids, in addition to other points of interest.  

                            *  **Upgrade antennas** to gain more navigation functions, including a space storm doppler, raider and dead zone identification, and ad-free radio.  

                            *  **Punch it to warp speed** when you need to avoid dangers or get to your destination in a blink. But beware of the fuel costs.  

                            *  **Spu** are the aliens that have populated the Mugalo Galaxy for nearly three millennia (check out their history). Many are average Joes and Janes – anything but hardened space explorers. Packing their entire lives into whatever space sailer they can afford, they become your motley crew and rely on your leadership to get them to Lilith.  

                            *  **Define the level** of challenge you want for your space journey by the Spu family you select – the wealthier, younger and the more of them there are, the easier the game. Though challenging family selections yield higher scores.

                            *  **Beam down to planets, moons and asteroids** to gather resources, drill for fuel and grow food for rations. Keep your journey stocked by making strategic stops among the stars.  

                            *  **Explore more than 1000 unique worlds** that hold distinct biomes, atmospheres and living creatures. No two places are like, with varying levels of danger and reward.  

                            *  **Encounter alien creatures and beasts** that can be hunted for resources. Tougher animals yield more items, but always beware of the deadly Jazgore.  

                            *  **Interact with galactic civilizations** that include cities, gang towns, raider hideouts and tribal villages and more. Discover seven different cultural regions of the galaxy that hold their own distinct architecture and history.

                            *  **Your space sailer is your home base,** carrying your family, resources, and gear. Upgrading fuel tanks, escape pods, antennas, solar sails, and stabilizers equips you to handle the dangers and distances of galactic travel.  

                            *  **Choose one of many unique ship models** – from refurbished police hulls to salvaged freight carriers, each ship type has its own strategic advantages.  

                            *  **Defend your ship from space raiders** by rigging it with a variety of defenses – turrets, traps, false compartments, noxious gas. Remaining unprepared for the worst leaves resources, gear and family members exposed to pillaging.

                            *  **Beautiful star malls and space businesses** populate the most well-traveled areas of the galaxy.  

                            *  **Stations hold resources, fuel, and various services** that assist your journey:  

                              * Repair your ship  

                              * Heal / treat space diseases and conditions  

                              * Buy ammo / weapons  

                              * Contract / invest with businesses  

                              * Discover a range of specialty items with unique boosts

                            *  **Uncover galactic lore** by visiting giant space monuments dedicated to historic moments and beings. On the ground, learn about galactic cultures by examining their art.

                            *  **Upgrade your farms and fuel rigs** to yield higher quality foods that create more rations, and finely-processed fuels that give more boom to your zoom.  

                            *  **Expand your arsenal** by learning how to make pistols, rifles machine guns and grenades for ground-level exploration. Improve resistance to ruthless raiders by researching various ship defenses.  

                            *  **Enhance your space sailer** with upgraded fuel tanks, solar sails, antennas, stabilizers and pods. Turn a dinky refurbished ship into a warp-class galactic cruiser.  

                            *  **Take on hostile forces and aggressive animals** in top-down combat mechanics. Utiilize a range of weapons and defenses, from simple spears and spike traps to grenades and the destructive Shred-X Minigun™.  

                            *  **Rig your ship into a death trap** by outfitting it with defenses, false compartments and snares. Investing in “home protection” helps keep your family safe and hard-earned money and resources intact.  

                            *  **Are you a spu of peace and diplomacy?** Will you slaughter a tribal village for resources? Do you try your luck at looting galactic military bases or gang towns? Choose how aggressively you play.

                            *  **Space diseases, ailments, and psychosis** can affect you and your family across the long journey to LILITH. Proper gear and supplies help as much as readiness to treat a sudden onset of Space Madness or [add ailments].  

                            *  **Monitor and improve your health** by adjusting your character’s exercise routines, caffeine intake and other health habits.  

                            *  **Manipulate your stats** with a range of items you can ingest, wear or use on yourself. Some may offer effective boosts to strength and speed, while others may alter your capacities in strange ways.  

                            *  **Space hospitals** specialize in healing a range of mental and physical health issues you may not be equipped to handle. And they have the supplies you need for self-treatment.

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