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Life is not a simple thing, but a complex art.
IIn the game, you give up your white-collar identity in big city and get to a small seaside town to start a new life with friends. In this beautiful little town, people are friendly, peaceful and relaxed. You can do whatever you like as a job: town salesman, running a farm, diver, fishing at sea, opening up a land on the island, etc. There are many opportunities here, and gradually you will have your favorite small car, villa, lover, and a wonderful home. You can do some farming and play with cats in your own yard, gaining the pure happiness.

Life is not a simple thing, but a complex art. Here, you need to take pragmatic efforts, always pay attention to your stomach, mood and energy and avoid all kinds of chronic diseases; look for all kinds of opportunities to earn adequate food and clothing; but also have dreams and pursuits for a better life, perhaps a bigger house, or deeper adventure.

Every festival in Houhai Town is unforgettable, whether it's the traditional Chinese New Year or a festival exclusive to Houhai Town. Having fun with friends is the most important thing!

Before achieving financial freedom, you have to work hard! No matter it is a salesman, a delivery man, a cab driver, or just do some entrusted tasks, as long as you are willing to work hard, you can gradually improve your life, increase your savings, and eventually achieve financial freedom any way!

While working hard, you also need to eat well, keep warm, sleep tight and have fun. You can decorate your home by visiting furniture store now and then, so you can have a good rest, which enables you to deliver a better job; pay attention to what you wear, make yourself look pretty while adapting to the climate, which may give you unexpected gains; treat your stomach seriously, three meals a day, eating in moderation, so that you will get more and more healthy; it is necessary to find entertainment in between hard work, so don't forget to buy yourself a satisfactory travel tool.

Never forget to improve yourself; with the passage of time, you will gradually accumulate all kinds of experience. At this point, developing a skill is particularly important, which will directly affect your future development route; after all, in many cases, a good choice is more important than hard work.

Many think urban people are indifferent who regard every one as passerby, but you really need friends! As the saying goes, one more friend is one more way. In many cases, a friend will make a critical turn to your situation. The bond with friends may bring unexpected surprises to your life.

You are very popular in Houhai Town. Interact with various people, fall in love with one of them, and finally get into the hall of marriage!

No one wants to work for the boss for a whole life. After accumulating enough wealth, you'd better think about how to invest. You can take a stake in the company you think high of, but you also need to take the corresponding risks; you can buy the property you are interested in, buying low and selling high; you can also let the property you own, to live an abundant life.

After work, you can also choose to plant and cultivate various crops and raise animals; produce feed and growth hormones with manufacturing equipment to enhance the production and efficiency of your farm. Being a farmer can so be a pleasant life choice, isn't it?

You already live an abundant life, so it's time to answer the call of adventure that has been echoing deep in your heart. Rumor has it that there are many unknown secrets and fortune hidden in the depths of Pear Blossom Bay in the eastern part of the city. You, as a wealthy and adventurous person, may want to buy expensive diving equipment and dive into the deepest to find it out.

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