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With mere months left before graduation, one young man has got a plan. He's spent the first half of his summer making bank, and now he's out to break it—and break some hearts in the bargain!

But over the course of just three weeks, you'll come to love and understand these girls and pick one to be with in this comedic coming-of-age drama.

Dōkyūsei is a seminal classic of the dating sim genre that first blew Japan's mind in 1992.
This updated remake adds HD art, optional modern features, and for the first time ever, a global release.


  • Classic dating sim gameplay

  • Modern quality-of-life features

  • More than a dozen eligible babes to romance

This international version, released in 2022, is based on the 2021 Japanese remaster "Doukyuusei: Remake", developed by Fanza Games and SILKY'S PLUS, which was itself based on the 1992 original version of "Doukyuusei" developed by Elf.


Mai Sakuragi
Voice: Mao Tachibana

A sheltered rich girl from an upstanding family. Through no choice of her own, Mai seldom socializes with the other students due to her busy extracurricular schedule—even during the summer break. Her perfect posture and high-class manners hide a fierce passion and determination underneath.Despite her many male admirers, she seems uncomfortable with her reputation as the campus sweetheart.

Misa Tanaka
Voice: Yuki Nekomura

A star track-team member and all-around athletic ace. While not the girliest of girls, her positive attitude and refusal to back down make her a master at trading barbs with the protagonist. Hardworking to a fault, she puts her all into everything. From time to time, that drive spins out of control...

Satomi Kurokawa
Voice: Musubi Aono

A coffee shop part-timer and childhood friend of the protagonist. Friendly and good-natured, but also naive at times. She and the protagonist can talk about anything and everything, and the two have remained close-ish over the years. Lately, however, she seems depressed and won't open up...

Miho Suzuki
Voice: Suzu Sazanami

A member of the campus broadcasting club. Adores flowers and even works part- time at the local flower shop. She can also be very shy, despite often hanging out with her much-louder close friend, Misa. Miho seems to have a crush on the protagonist but hasn't mustered the courage to tell him yet.

Kurumi Nishina
Voice: Yuki Kitaoji

As the girlfriend of Kazuya—the protagonist's buddy—Kurumi is on good terms with the protagonist, too. Raised by an overprotective father, she believes that her relationships should always be "pure," which puts her on bad terms with Kazuya's blue balls. She turns to the protagonist to get another male perspective...

Ako Saitou
Voice: Miu Yuzuhara

A pharmacist working at her own family's drugstore. She has a complex about constantly being compared to her older sister, Mako, that makes her overly cautious in her interactions—especially when dealing with men. Despite her mature front, she's actually very innocent.

Mako Saitou
Voice: Kazane

Sakimake Academy's charismatic campus doctor. Students come to her infirmary seeking advice on not just health, but dating and relationships, too. She treats everyone with sincerity and is loved by all. The protagonist is infatuated with her and has been trying to break the ice, but the relationship remains unflinchingly professional. Ako is her younger sister.

Chiharu Sakuma
Voice: Sayaka Fujisaki

A stranger whom the protagonist approaches one day in the street on a whim. She doesn't take him too seriously at first, but the more the two talk, the closer they become...

Kaori Naruse
Voice: Nanami Mizuno

Works as a hostess in the next town over. Flashy and flamboyant in her fashion sense. Loud, foulmouthed, and not afraid to speak her mind, Kaori and the protagonist hit it off from the first meeting, with the potential for something more quickly becoming apparent...

Yayoi Kusanagi
Voice: Ryoko Teduka

A nurse at a nearby medical clinic. She's polite and professional, but slightly colder when off the clock. Stunningly beautiful and with a mysterious air about her, she can be quite elusive to track down.

Hiromi Tamachi
Voice: Kaname Shirotsuki

An office employee at a company a few blocks from the protagonist's apartment. Always up for a good time, with a bold and cheerful personality to boot. She developed a strong interest in the protagonist after hearing some interesting rumors about him from a friend.

Natsuko Masaki
Voice: Sarah Ayumi

A design school student and part-timer at a nearby clothing boutique. The protagonist first met her through his good pal Kazuya, and the three of them plus Kazuya's girlfriend, Kurumi, go on to share a rather complicated relationship... Always chill and friendly to the protagonist, even when not at the boutique.

Yoshiko Serizawa
Voice: Iroha Natsumine

The protagonist's homeroom teacher at Sakimake Academy. Takes her job seriously and genuinely cares about all her students. Hoping to offer guidance on life direction and choosing a career, she's especially strict with the protagonist, whom she sees as irresponsible and lacking resolve at the best of times.

Reiko Shingyouji
Voice: Mei Misonoo

A kimono-clad housewife who lives just across the street. Appears calm and unassuming enough on the rare occasions the protagonist spots her out sweeping her yard or shopping in town, but for some reason, she's always alone, which is a concern...

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