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Dire Destiny :Time Travel



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This is a world in the steam age. Iron and Magic coexist here. As the machines were becoming more and more powerful, they started an organized attack to human race. One day in the future, mankind will face the fate of extinction caused by the mechanized army.
Heroes from different time-space are summoned by an emissary who called himself ‘The protector of mankind’. They collected forces and determined to defeat the mechanized monsters, so as to prevent the tragic extinction of mankind from happening.
Under the thick smoke of mystery, a long-brewing conspiracy slowly begins…

Game Features

Steam plus Gears plus Rivets equals Steampunk!
Here, you can see magic elements such as constellation and Gods, which are contained in the architectures. You can also have the view of Steampunk buildings from the Victorian period in the 19th century. All of the settings are closely combined with the story of the game, building an empathy engagement in the scenes and giving players an immersive experience.

Over 100 Combinations of Cards!
Players can collect cards in many ways and sift through them by making different combinations. During the combats, players can also use the combos to secure victory.

More Combos of Cards’ Skills at Your Decision!
Here, you’ll have an original fusion system of cards. When you arrive at a designated location, you can make a custom combo of the cards you own. Different skills from two cards will start to fuse together, adding more creative tactics as well as continuous variations of combat experience!

Complicated and Confusing Random Events Continue to Occur…
There are mechanisms of Adventures and Treasures that can be triggered on your journey by chance. If you accomplish the random missions in Adventures, you’ll get rewards such as more cards, more buffs. Or you can get the cards you need and gold coins from the machine shop.

Character Introduction

Tech Knight:
She comes from the later period of the steam age. In her time-space, the mechanized army had ruled the world, and human race are forced to hide underground. The pilot has always been eager to fly out of the ground in her fighter plane, defeating the mechanical army and saving the world.

The Samurai comes from the period of Japanese Warring States. Being appreciated and supported by the monarch, the Samurai was able to practice his unparalleled sword skills day after day, even if after his family reclined. He was the most loyal and powerful samurai around the monarch.
When he is summoned to the steam age, he hopes to solve the problems of this world as soon as possible and find a way to return to his time-space.

The Engineer:
She is a talented engineer who comes from the prosperous steam age. There is no complicated machinery that he cannot make. The entire Beginnings city’s mechanization was done by him. Therefore, Beginnings is the city with the most advanced mechanical technology on this continent.

Mech Pilot:
This thrill-seeking adventurer fights alongside her machine, constantly strengthening the connection between herself and the machine until they become one. It's only when she pilots her mecha that she feels the rush of life. Brave and decisive, she will lend you a helping hand on the battlefield and together face the challenges ahead!

An adventurer who adheres to nihilism. The female gambler lives on the edge between life and death, managing to turn the elusive possibility of nothingness to her advantage. Her boundless greed prevents her from enjoying what she has already gained.

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