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Ready to take the wheel old geezer?

Asteroid Bounty Hunter is a space shooter, with a lot more in store than simply blowing up asteroids. The story follows our hero John, who is a veteran, trying to do amends in his screw up life and he only has his space ship AI, who still cares about him. The story latter unfolds some pretty interesting things about John, his life and his relationship with stuff around him.
The game itself is based on a dodging/blowing up stuff, but that quickly falls in background picture, since you have to outmaneuver the enemy, who are constantly changing. Your job is to save planets from incoming asteroids, while taking care of your affairs with other bounty hunters.

                                                              * unique boss fights with different difficulty levels   

                                                              * defend the nearby planets from vicious asteroids attacks   

                                                              * battle other bounty hunters 

The concept of the game is to farm experience, so you can unlock new upgrades. You can collect mastery points from other bounty hunter ships to unlock new ships. If you find yourself unable to progress the game, you can always come back to earlier levels and farm experience, which you can use to make limitless upgrades for you ship. Each new level brings a quest with an unique one time ship upgrade, so use it wisely.

                                                              * over 100 different size and texture asteroids, flying towards the planets   

                                                              * 5 different types of bounty hunters, exchanging whole game trying to kill you   

                                                              * 5 different bosses, each having completely unique mechanic

Your ship 4 unique abilities

                                                              * **Basic attack** \- limited to 3 energy particles on screen   

                                                              * **Photon swarm** \- more powerful - giant balls of energy spinning and crushing everything ahead, it has 3 charges stored on ship   

                                                              * **Death ray** \- laser cutting asteroids like it's a knife going through butter, it has significantly larger cool down, so use it wisely   

                                                              * **Final blast** \- ultimate attack - sends a missile with a shape of a phoenix to the center of the screen and blowing everything hostile in 360' area. The cool down is 60 seconds, so in a way you're limited to 1-2 use per level.

There is two types of upgrades. You can make global upgrades in shipyard or ability upgrade in upgrade center.


There is limitless ship upgrade points, which you can spend on:

                                                              * global shield durability   

                                                              * global abilities cool down   

                                                              * global damage increase

Player get upgrade point for each level up. To level up you need to get specified amount of experience by destroying hostile ships or asteroids. When we say limitless, we think limitless... there is no player level cap.
Those upgrades applies to all ships in shipyard no mater which is selected.


There is 6 different upgrades, each counting 20 points to spend.

                                                              * Shield durability (max shield value)   

                                                              * Shield regeneration rate   

                                                              * Basic attack damage upgrade   

                                                              * Photon swarm damage upgrade   

                                                              * Death ray damage upgrade   

                                                              * Final blast damage upgrade

There is 5 different ships in shipyard each having an unique passive bonus. Those bonuses are added to global and abilities upgrades. If you manage to unlock the special ship, you'll get all the bonuses.

                                                              * No bonus   

                                                              * Shield durability bonus %   

                                                              * Cool down bonus %   

                                                              * Damage bonus %   

                                                              * Shield, CD and damage bonus %

                                                              * amazing space graphics and ambient   

                                                              * high resolution planets and stars   

                                                              * advanced GUI with customizable preferences which include controls (controller support), graphics and audio

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