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Welcome to "Let's Learn Lingít" - A Personal Language Learning Odyssey

Join me on a unique adventure into the essence of the Tlingit language. "Let's Learn Lingít" is more than just a game; it's a glimpse into my own explorative journey, aiming to uncover and share the linguistic treasures of Tlingit. As I delve into learning this captivating language, I warmly invite you to learn alongside me. Together, we’ll experience the ups and downs, the successes, and the inevitable mistakes that come with learning something new.

Embark on an Interactive Experience:

Showrooms: These are meant to LANDMARK/THEMED items, not show 1-1 visual depictions. For example, I know if I want to learn about ducks or birds I will go to the Nature/Animal showroom and look for the duck with lots of ovoids to see the duck translations grouped up around this single duck picture. If you want the 1-1 depiction you will likely go to the glossary as everything in the showrooms is in the glossary.

Dynamic Learning Through Gaming: Immerse yourself in a selection of games crafted to gently introduce you to the fundamentals of Tlingit. From matching games that pair words with images to trivia that tests our growing knowledge, each activity is a stepping stone on our collective journey.

Visual Learning Made Easy: Engage with Concept Matching and 3D Jigsaw Puzzles to pair Tlingit words with compelling visuals, making each new term stick in your mind vividly.

Journey Through Themes: Navigate through various thematic areas such as "Around the World" and "Say it in Tlingit Phrases," each offering a rich context for the language, from the wonders of nature to the comforts of home.

Your Learning Toolkit: Leverage the picture glossary, jot down insights with the note-taking feature, and capture moments of learning with photo mode. These tools are here to enrich your learning journey, allowing you to progress at your own pace, in your own style.

A Message from Da Ka Xeen:

I am Da Ka Xeen, standing at the beginning of a path I hope will lead to deep understanding and connection with the Tlingit language. This project is a chronicle of my learning process, a humble acknowledgment that I am a learner, not an expert, eager to share every discovery with you. "Let's Learn Lingít" is an open invitation: to learn together, to stumble, to grow, and to find joy in the journey.

I am profoundly thankful to all those who have opened the world of the Tlingit language to me. Your willingness to share has transformed this personal endeavor into a beacon for collective learning. I once had a language professor tell me not to come to the classroom anymore and it turned me away from language learning. Since then, I've given up on Spanish and X̱unei has now inspired me by asking the question "if you want 1000 fluent speakers 5 years from now or 10 years from now, what steps will you take now to achieve that." This is my step as a beginning programmer and beginning Tlingit student. In total the cost is less than $1000 for this language revitalization project and I will continue to try and do more with less!

Looking Ahead:

The next chapter of our journey will focus on speaking Tlingit. I’m excited to take this crucial step and, true to the spirit of "Let's Learn Lingít," I plan to share my early experiences and progress in speaking the language. This is about sharing real, sometimes imperfect attempts at communication, embracing every misstep as a valuable part of learning. Stay tuned for updates, videos, and more as we venture into the realm of spoken Tlingit together.

Current Audio Cues: ~8,000 / ~16,000 total translations

Join the Journey:

Whether you’re just starting, have a casual interest in languages, or share a passion for Tlingit culture, "Let's Learn Lingít" welcomes you. Let’s celebrate the process of learning, exploring not just a language, but the stories, the people, and the journey that brings us together.

Gunalchéesh for considering walking this path with me. Here’s to the discoveries and connections we’ll make in the world of Tlingit language.

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Da Ka Xeen

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Da Ka Xeen

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