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Legend of Cenama






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Legend of Cenama is a retro RPG with a very existential story line. It's a story driven and emotional game that doesn't hold your hand, but lets you explore and find your own way. Decisions you make, make a huge impact and completely alters the story line and what happens to the characters in the end. A large part of the game is also finding the right item or reaching the right level to be able to progress, ensuring many hours of very rewarding gameplay.

The villagers of Cenama are disappearing one by one and King Balthazar sends you on a mission to find out what is going on. This mission turns out to reveal that a great evil is threatening not only planet Turrin and Cenama, but the universe as a whole.
Travel through Sonaii, The Ancient Ruins, Kaanami, The Grim Grotto, Orc Encampment, Jura Plantation and many other areas to progress and find out why people are vanishing, and if there is a way you can stop it. If your heart is pure enough to overcome the Trial of the Ancients, and you have gained enough to power to slay the enemies in the mystical Zealous Core, maybe you have what it takes to go to the Black Castle and put an end to the growing darkness that is enshrouding Turrin.

Developed by

PelleK's Ninja Academy

Published by

Coolville Assembly

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