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Adventures of Samuel: The Worst Game Ever Made





Pixel Graphics
Psychological Horror
Precision Platformer

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The game's title speaks for itself.

This game was built to be the most miserable experience you will ever have playing a video game. Don't believe me? The motto for this game is "it's not a bug, it's a feature."

However, you may be wondering: What is this game? What makes it so bad?

Adventures of Samuel is a remaster of the first game I ever made using Game Maker Studio (please don't ask for the original, I'm not going to give it to you). The original game was a simplistic precision platformer game that wasn't very good. It wasn't the worst game ever made, like this one is, but it surely wasn't a masterpiece. The original game consisted of 8 chapters with 7 levels each. The graphics MAYBE rivaled some crappy NES games, and the music was stolen from Nintendo (which is why I took the original down, it was never on Steam, it was on Gamejolt). 3-4 years after I make this god awful game, me and a couple of buddies of mine thought it would be REALLY funny to remake the original and turn it into the worst game I possibly could. So I did. Was it funny? Yes. Absolutely.

Enough about the game's "lore," let's get on to what THIS game is. As I've said, this is a remake, and like any good remake, it takes what the original did and does it better. In this case, it's being a garbage game. This game, similar to the original, has 8 chapters, with 20 levels each, totaling to 160 (a level refers to one screen, or "room" in Game Maker Studio terms). The graphics resemble updated (yet still low quality) versions of the originals, and the music ISN'T stolen from Nintendo this time, or by anyone, for that matter. The game still lives up to it's precision platformer style. In fact, it does it even more so, almost to the point of being completely unfair, especially in a lot of later levels. Falling out of the screen will result in a chapter reset, setting you back to the first level of a chapter. Your goal of each level is to get Samuel from the beginning of the level to the white flag (the flag isn't always white, it changes depending on the type of level). You'll also likely get stuck in walls, because it's a common thing in this game. Sometimes, this will also cause the game to crash really badly, so much so that you'll need task manager to close the game. Yes, this was intentional. I would've made the game free, but buyer's remorse is part of the experience.

Do you have what it takes to get through 160 uninspired, grueling levels? Or do you somehow have an inhuman amount of patience to get through it all? What lies at the end? Is it even the worst game you've ever played? There's only one real way to find out.

Oh yeah, and, if you don't like loud noises, I would advise turning the sound off. Actually, I would advise doing that anyway.

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Some guy named Gerald

Published by

Some guy named Gerald

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