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Crypto Crisis: Education Edition






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This is a simplified and easier to play version of the original Crypto Crisis that has been designed for a younger audience and more casual players.

Principal Trotter and technology teacher Kieran are trying to build the school of the future. They have asked you to help them raise the necessarily funds to do so. It's early 2009, what could be a better way to raise funds than mine Bitcoin? It won't be easy though; compete for and increase your share of block rewards by building and upgrading your mining rigs while carefully managing your resources.

Content & Features:

                                                      * Track your progress by unlocking incremental milestones  

                                                      * Relive Bitcoin history with a closely simulated Bitcoin network which utilises historical data   

                                                      * Compete for and increase your share of block rewards by building, upgrading, optimising and overclocking your mining rigs  

                                                      * Carefully manage the energy consumption and heat output of your mining rigs; the more energy you use the higher your electricity bill will be  

                                                      * Sell now or HODL? Earn money by selling your Bitcoin on the market  

                                                      * As you progress in your mining career move to new maps to unlock additional space and resources  

                                                      * Keep upgrading your mining rigs with periodic releases of new chassis, CPUs, GPUs and ASICs  

                                                      * Buy and upgrade utility equipment to help you manage energy consumption and heat output  

                                                      * Mining and network statistics help you keep a track of your progress and how well you are performing versus your competitors  

                                                      * Financial breakdown statistics help you determine where all of your resources are being spent  

                                                      * 4 navigable 3D maps which update as you build and upgrade your mining rigs  

                                                      * 20+ chassis types  

                                                      * 15+ utility equipment types  

                                                      * 170+ CPU/GPU/ASIC parts

Developed by

Armoured Beans

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Armoured Beans

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