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Mad Viking Games: VR Experience





Interactive Fiction
Asymmetric VR
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Introducing the Mad Viking Games: VR Experience. Immerse yourself in an all-round experience of the Viking life. Not only will you be able to grab any sort of weapon or shield, but you will also have the ability to roam the hall of the races. The hall will offer the player the ability to visualize the future characters of the Mad Viking Games universe, starting out with the Humans and the Trolls. Enter each room and get a highly detailed version of every character, you can also interact with a smaller version of each character.

Not only will you have the ability to visualize every character, but we have also added essential activities for you to enjoy the Viking lifestyle.

The first and most important of all: fire. Get ready to use your torch to light your way around the hall. Remember that some braziers can light up the fire from your torch!

Of course, the last activity was lying. DRINKING is the most important part of the Norse experience. Enjoy some mead alongside the shields of the Mad Viking Games world. Beer stations will be available for you to fill your pint infinitely, exactly how the Gods intended it!

Grab a weapon and destroy your enemies! You will have the ability to wield the Mjolnir , the hammer from the son of Odin. Use it to smash rocks and transform them into little pieces. Smashing not your style? No worries, we have Surtr's sword! Slash your dummies with ease and transform each piece into molten lava.

Fancy a little competition? Take some axes and throw them at the target! Compete with your friends to see how many you can stick to the highlighted sections.

Remember to check your windows! There might be a little peek into the unknown...

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Mad Viking Games

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